Cognitive Rise offers an array of video services that will propel your production into success.

Our expertise ranges from street concerts to full scale productions. A production company that works to suit your needs, including special one day events such as: weddings, birthdays, graduations, grand openings, product launchings and anniversaries.


Consultation: A session that proposes options for your event.

Documentation: Photographic and videography coverage to ensure the essence of your event is captured with an inobtrusive professional approach.
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Production Management: Leading up to and during your event a Cognitive Rise event architect will insure that every detail is in place and each entity involved is where they need to be and ready to perform upon cue as per your request and vision.
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Production: Pulling together all aspects of your film, marketing video, music video, or documentary, creating and executing all the details- from entertainment contracts to set building, promotional materials, permits, décor, design, promotions, visual projections, design, marketing and communication to and between all parties.
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Planning and Coordination: Providing the skeleton of all the aspects that are crucial to hosting a successful event, communicating between venues, catering, design entertainment, florist, accommodations, invitations, dining and beverage detail, providing industry resources and documentation needs.

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Entertainment Pool: Offering events with unique and dynamic talent from performance artist, human circus acts, up and coming live musical acts and classic mood enhancers.

Design: An array of options from food to invitations and promotional graphic needs.




Culture: Focuses your event on a mix of, or specific, cultural décor, food, entertainment and art. Asian, Mexican, Spanish, Brazilian, American themes and talents available.

Direction: Invokes the powers of north, south, east, west, up, down, above, and below to create an environment filled with geographical and spiritual motifs.

Elements: Takes fire, air, earth, and water to intermingle an event with powerful mood enhancing environments.
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Mythology: Captures the power of myth from various tell -tale ventures of heroines, a hero, or goddess and deities in their surroundings.

Science: Interweaving futuristic themes, multi-media art installations, technologically savvy and celestial driven event.

Color: Taking on the emotions and feelings produced by blends of color specific hues.

Era: 18th century, 1930’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s or current themes in décor, music, costumes, trivia and icons will carry events into the present with favorites from the past.


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